Greetings for the Spring Festival 2020


One year passed.

HJC has entered the third year of entrepreneurship, and this year we are still developing rapidly.

And welcomed new colleagues Sun Aibin, Chen Lijun, He Xiaoli and Chen Yanli. Do so many "beauties" in the team herald a beautiful and colorful future?

This year, we finally determined the corporate culture: Return to nature with the most important people. In today's industrial civilization, high-rise buildings and high-speed rail roads have lost our chance to be close to nature. The high pressure of life has left us away from home and greatly reduced the time spent with loved ones.

At this juncture, we put forward the most important people together with the return of nature, which is the need of the times and the true dream and pursuit of each of us. Otherwise, how can Lee Ziqi turned quite red in 2019?

The dream of HJC people is to let each small home return to the pollution-free nature through our currently technology research and development.

This year, we determined the development direction of cross-border e-commerce. In the arrival of 5G in 2019, we prepared for terminal retail. Users at home and abroad, perceive our services through the Internet instead of receiving our products through intermediate links. Not only save costs, but also intuitively experience our hot culture from our account managers and from our online platform.

"Do not let customers lose a copper coin, Keep improving always, the paradise of the ascendant and the forbidden land of the fallen ..."

We give our customers the peace of mind to cooperate with us, so that employees will have something to gain and build a fair, learning and happy company.

We don't do cold business. In 2019, we insist on working 4 and a half days a week, and we are also honored to donate libraries to rural elementary schools in need.

Be kind to people. It will be HJC's culture that never changes.

Finally, thank you to the families of all HJC colleagues. Without your support, our colleagues cannot meditate on HJC progress. In 2020, we will set up a gratitude fund, and sincerely thank you for your support.

We also want to thank our suppliers and customers for keeping our cooperation in 2019 always pleasant and smooth.

I wish you all a happy Spring Festival, a happy family reunion and happiness.



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