HJC definition:
Healthy, Joyous, Cost-effective. Based in Asia, HJC will build a ranked healthy and joyful team, our product strategy is designed for human use, not for wasting.
Our Service

Mainly engaged in R.O membrane industrial chain organization by RD and process improving
The products are exported to more than 10 overseas countries, stable sales channel in many countries. HJC has become a powerful brand in Asia already.
HJC Vision
To be the top brand in Asia Environmental Health Industry and the most satisfied group for employees.
A career with a sense of mission
To keep the world away from pollution, Firstly let the children and the aged out of the dangerous of pollution.

HJC,the Chinese name is Zhi Lan(a local Orchid), which is a very common wildflower that grows in the northwestern part of Hunan province(in center south of China).

The life of the orchids in the four seasons is very strong, and a small bunch of yellow flowers bloom in the middle of the petiole. The fragrance is pervasive, and the fragrance is not as strong as the scent of roses, not as sweet as the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus and not as light as the scent of plum. But it is simple, generous and fragrant.

A Chinese literary giant Mr.Shen Congwen readily wrote in the famous book "Taoyuan and Zhangzhou": "The sedge of creek in the creek is still visible everywhere. This orchid is rooted in the gap between the cliffs, or spread to the pine branches, the flower-leaf body is softer than the gladiolus and the fragrance is farther away than the gladiolus." These vivid depictions also implicitly express the author's love of his hometown and the love of the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland.

The founder of the HJC brand lived in the countryside where the orchids bloomed, but these flowers are now invisible due to industrial water pollution. Therefore, the founder originally created HJC to solve the problem of water pollution in his hometown.

We developed high salt rejection ro membrane for high TDS water in solve the drinking water problem for high salty
raw water area in the world by membrane rolling process improvment and specialized Ro sheet.
Why choose us 4 advantages
High stability

Since practitioners, strict inspection system to ensure the customer complaint rate is almost zero

Leading technology

Developed three generations of membrane,
membrane element desalination rate lowest
98%, ahead of the market average.

Keeping reputation

For employees, suppliers or customers, once  promised,keep always.

Details and Attractivel

In the design and packaging high input,
to make the industry's top appearance  level of the product.

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